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Pipe dream - A hope or plan that is unlikely to ever be realized. Related expression: chasing a dream - Pursuing a goal that's difficult to reach. Variation: living in a dream world - Being unrealistic or overly optimistic. The phrase "pipe dream" often reminds us to be realistic about our aspirations while also acknowledging the human spirit's.

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Pipe dream definition: any fantastic notion, hope, or story. See examples of PIPE DREAM used in a sentence.

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pipe dream: [noun] an illusory or fantastic plan, hope, or story.

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PIPE DREAM meaning: 1. an idea or plan that is impossible or very unlikely to happen: 2. an idea or plan that isโ€ฆ. Learn more.

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Today I found out the origin of the phrase "pipe dream", meaning "a fantastic hope or plan that is generally regarded as being nearly impossible to achieve.". This phrase first popped up in the 19th century, with the earliest known documented case coming from Chicago, Illinois; specifically, coming from the December of 1890 issue of the Chicago Daily Tribune, in this case referring to.

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Dream Pipes is a glass manufacturer that creates freezable hand pipes made right here in the USA. The company was founded in 1999, and their high-grade borosilicate glass pipes are known for their glitter-filled appearance. With many colors to choose from, including a glow in the dark glass pipe, Dream Pipes provides an array of choices when it.

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Skeptics call it a pipe dream and a way to keep dirty coal plants operating. The chemical process to capture carbon dioxide from a smokestack using ammonia based solvents has been around for decades.

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Do you love classic pipe and tobacco culture? Do you want to learn more about the history, art, and philosophy of pipe smoking? Then you should visit The Pipe Cottage, a website that offers videos, articles, and tips for the intellectual in you. Whether you are a newbie or a veteran, you will find something to enrich your pipe experience at The Pipe Cottage.

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Word Origin late 19th cent.: referring to a dream experienced when smoking an opium pipe. Want to learn more? Find out which words work together and produce more natural-sounding English with the Oxford Collocations Dictionary app. Try it for free as part of the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary app.

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Origin. This phrase supposedly originates from the fantastical experiences had when smoking an opium pipe. It is used to talk about a vain fantasy, hope or some kind of unreachable wish for the future that is almost impossible to achieve in reality. It is usually a typically unobtainable task like saying you want to be the king of the world or.

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11. Massachusetts. Mar 18, 2015. #8. Later GBDs were actually made in England at the Comoy factory. In'81 GBD and Comoy pipe making was consolidated. The later GBDs are actually clones of the 1057 Comoy. They were labeled "London Made" on the left side and "London England" over 9438 on the right. All TF2 Dream Piped weapons

The earliest known use of the verb pipe-dream is in the 1910s. OED's earliest evidence for pipe-dream is from 1910, in Daily Press (Sheboygan, Wisconsin). It is also recorded as a noun from the 1890s. pipe-dream is formed within English, by conversion. Etymons: pipe dream n. See etymology.

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A pipe dream is a phrase used to describe an unrealistic, impractical, or fanciful idea or goal that is unlikely to be realized. The origin of the term dates back to the 19th century and referred to the dreams experienced by opium smokers. However, in modern times, the term has come to be associated with any far-fetched hope or aspiration.

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