Exclusive Offer Our KitchinKiji Utility Knife Christopher Kimball's

Exclusive Offer Our KitchinKiji Utility Knife Christopher Kimball's

Slice, dice, and chop with ease with the Kitchin Kiji - the ultimate all-purpose utility knife. Shop today to save 40% on your purchase! From coring strawberries or trimming meats, this 'in-between' utility knife is the knife that most home cooks are missing.

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Based on the Japanese kawamuki, the go-to knife for peeling and carving vegetables, the Milk Street Kitchin-Kiji is the "in-between" utility knife. At 3.5-inches long, the blade is small enough for detailed handwork like peeling the papery skin off garlic cloves and shallots, trimming mushrooms or cutting fruit.

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Whether you want to learn to smith on a professional level or just want the experience of making one knife, we have you covered. Student Gallery. Forge News and Press Make an Inquiry Custom Orders, Questions & Requests * First. Email * Your Inquiry * Upload Images. Drop files here or Select files. Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, Max.


This is a Limited edition, premium run of our tried-and-true Milk Street Kitchin-kiji knife. It features a high-end Japanese AUS 8 steel blade specially forged with a non-stick "Tsuchime" hammered surface and a gorgeously grained, ultra-durable cocobolo wood handle.And it comes with a custom saya, or knife guard, to keep your blade keen and.

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We added a bigger, chunkier handle designed for an adult hand. A sturdy grip on a smaller knife is even more important than a sturdy handle on a chef's knife—your control point, when holding a chef's knife, is the base of the blade, pinched between thumb and forefinger (the "pinch grip"). When trimming or peeling, on the other hand, your.

It’s Back! Our KitchinKiji Knife, Perfect for “Big Little” Jobs

Japanese kitchen knives are traditionally stored in wooden scabbards called sayas to protect the blade—and your fingertips—from damage in a crowded drawer. This custom ash wood saya is sturdy, durable and beautiful and helps wick away any moisture. Find the Milk Street Saya Knife Guard here. Milk Street Saya Knife Guard - Milk Street Store.

Last Day to Save 30 on the KitchinKiji Knife! Christopher Kimball's

Cookware. The Milk Street Kitchin-Kiji Is the All-Purpose Utility Knife That Every Home Cook Needs. Order Now to Save 30% and Get Free Shipping—Offer Expires Thursday at Midnight. Speed up your prep with this safe, powerful knife for all the "in-between" jobs a chef's knife is too big for and the standard paring knife is too small to.

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Kitchin Tools offers hand-forged, artisanal kitchenware in Singapore. Find the best Japanese kitchen knives & carbon steel knives used by professionals.. Books Cookware Cutting Board Handle Higonokami Knife Roll Moribashi Noyer Saya Tableware Charcoal Konro Grill Others. Services. Sharpening Services Sharpening Class. Search. Cart $0.00 SGD.

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Accept All Cookies. Milk Street Kitchin-to Knife A unique cross between a Japanese vegetable knife and a Chinese cleaver, the Kitchin-to™ will replace your chef's knife. The knife's overall design borrows elements from our two favorite knives: the Japanese vegetable knife (nakiri) and the Chinese cleaver (cai dao). The 7-inch-long blade i.

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The ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Milk Street Kitchin-Kiji—Our Compact, All-Purpose Utility Knife—Sold Out in Days Last Time Very limited inventory! Speed up your prep with this safe, powerful knife for all the "in-between" jobs a chef's knife is too big for and a standard paring knife is too small to handle. Orders begin shipping in late January.

Our New KitchinKiji Knife Is Perfect for “Big Little” Jobs

When I headed to my nearest Asian grocery store to find one for myself, I stumbled on my forever knife: a 6.5-inch Kiwi Chef's Knife. Yes, you get TWO in a pack for $13.50! For the price, I was skeptical that this knife could cut through butter, let alone the mountain of onions waiting for me at work.

Slice, dice, and chop... Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street

The knife must be washed by hand and dried after each use immediately to ensure no staining occurs. Do not put in dishwasher. To maintain the blade's edge, sharpen the Kitchin-kiji at a 17 degree angle. With its thoughtful design and versatile functionality, the Kitchin-kiji is the indispensable tool every home chef needs in their arsenal.

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The Kitchin-kiji can do what any paring knife does, like peel garlic and mince a shallot, but is versatile enough for a broad range of cutting tasks. This Paring Knife also Chops! Most paring knives are too small for chopping, but the Kitchin-kiji is big enough to take on small chopping jobs, like nuts, chocolate and fresh herbs..

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Milk Street / Kitchin-Kiji, "Based on the Japanese kawamuki knife," "Japanese-style cutting methods."(they haven't registered kiji as a trademark yet?) Milk Street has taken on the tactic used by fake Japanese brands like Huusk "Japan" (a Lithuanian marketing company) and Kamikoto (a Finnish guy and marketing company based out of.

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A deluxe, limited edition of our unique Kitchin-Kiji featuring top-quality Japanese steel and a warm-grained cocobolo wood handle. $149.95. The one kind of knife missing from most Western kitchens is one of the most used in Japan—a midsized, multipurpose utility knife bigger and stronger than a paring knife but smaller and more manageable.

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Meet the Milk Street Signature Knife Bundle, featuring our bestselling Nakiri—for safe, fast vegetable prep—and the Kitchin-kiji, the power paring knife. Together, this dynamic pair tackles pretty much any job in your kitchen. Milk Street Nakiri What if we told you there is a Japanese knife specifically designed for vegetable prep that will.

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