Two James Spirits Doctor Bird Jamaica Rum Ratings

Doctor Bird Jamaica Rum

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One type of rum is called "Dr. Bird." Dr. Bird is a type of rum made in the Virgin Islands. It is made from sugarcane juice, and it is distilled in a pot still. Dr. Bird rum is then aged in oak barrels for a minimum of two years. Dr. Bird rum is a light-colored rum with a sweet, fruity flavor. It is a smooth rum that is perfect for cocktails.

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Two James Doctor Bird Jamaican Rum Distiller: Worthy Park Bottler: Two James ABV: 50% Age: NAS Price: $$$$$ Buy Aggregate Reviews House Review Add your review 90 Rum Raiders Mmmm yes, that's the stuff. Still very competent, and honestly great rum. This is a treat, made only more enjoyable by the fact its widely available and well priced.

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Two James Doctor Bird Jamaican Rum One of the surprises of 2017 was the introduction of this new rum from Jamaica by way of Detroit, Michigan. This pot still rum is created at the Worthy Park Distillery where it is aged in used American Oak Bourbon barrels for six plus years.

Doctor Bird Jamaica Rum

Doctor Bird Jamaican Rum - Review Add comments Feb 192020 The strangely named Doctor Bird rum is another company's response to Smith and Cross, Rum Fire and the S tolen Overproof rum.

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GRILLED PINEAPPLE. Expanding upon our award winning Doctor Bird Jamaican Rum, we couldn't think Of anything more fitting than to add Pineapple. We present to you our High Ester Navy Strength Jamaican pot—stilled rum finished with grilled pineapples. Unlike most pineapple rums, we don't use artificial flavors, coloring, extracts, or added.

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DOCTOR BIRD JAMAICA RUM. DOUBLE GOLD 2022. San Francisco World Spirit Competition. AWARDS. TWO JAMES COFFEE LIQUEUR. BRONZE 2022. San Francisco World Spirit Competition. Previous slide. Next slide. WANNA SEE THE DISTILLERY?! We offer distillery tours for $35 per person on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Included in the tour price.

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THE DOCTOR IS IN! Because of our belief in the importance of local agriculture and the fact that sugar cane isn't readily available in Michigan, we decided to take our Rum project to the Caribbean. We import and blend several different Jamaican rums from one of the oldest distilleries in Jamaica. They are then finished in Moscatel Cask in.

Two James Spirits Doctor Bird Jamaica Rum Ratings

Two James Dr Bird Jamaican Rum $28.12 $24.99 " This is the first rum expression from Two James Spirits craft distillers, based in Detroit's Corktown neighborhood. A blend of Worthy Park pot still rums, blended and aged in St. Catherine Jamaica, then shipped to Detroit to be finished in Moscatel Sherry casks.

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Doctor bird! Yes, technically the doctor bird is a beloved symbol of Jamaica —I know that now. But when I put the bottle in the cart, "Doctor Bird" lived in the same delightful part of my brain where I would store a cluster of words like "Dog Lawyer" or "The Honorable Judge Squirrel," or maybe "Big Housecat, PhD."

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Whats a good cocktail to make with Doctor Bird? : r/rum r/rum • 2 yr. ago ScottyBellows Whats a good cocktail to make with Doctor Bird? I find it is too pungent/ funky for most mixers. Even ginger beer falls flat and gets drowned out. What is a recipe strong enough to hold its own against this rum? 13 Sort by: Add a Comment Doctor_By_Day

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Short answer: Dr. Bird rum is a brand of Jamaican dark rum produced by Worthy Park Estate. Discovering the Beauty of Dr Bird Rum: A Guide to Its Origins and Distillation Process Rum is arguably one of the most popular and beloved spirits in the world.

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An adult male "Doctor Bird", as depicted in Illustrations of the Birds of Jamaica by Phillip Henry Gosse (1849). Others believe the Red-billed Streamerbird's eponymous bill resembles a doctor's lancet - perhaps one stained crimson with blood - which it uses to pierce nectar-rich flowers with surgical precision.

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Two James Doctor Bird Jamaican Rum is a pot-still rum created and aged for 6+ years at the Worthy Park Distillery. It is then transported to the Two James Distillery in Detroit, Michigan. There, it finishes its maturation in Moscatel sherry casks before being blended and bottled at 50% ABV. age NAS Cost abv 50.0 Aged Rum

Doctor Bird Jamaica Rum

Doctor Bird Jamaica Rum by Corktown Distillery Sold out $29.50 The national bird of Jamaica, the Doctor Bird has been immortalized in Jamaican culture for centuries. This fruit-forward, no-holds-barred blend of high-ester Jamaica rum is an homage to this beautiful creature and the land of wood and water.

Two James Spirits Doctor Bird Jamaica Rum Ratings

Two James Dr Bird Jamaica Rum 5 1 Reviews Aged Rum / 50 % ABV / Michigan, United States Product details Category Aged Rum Region Michigan, United States ABV 50% Base Ingredients Sugar Product description

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